About Us

 I originally developed The KeySpot as a project for my sons elementary school class project. It has been modified and redesigned over the past few years to make it more functional and attractive.  I am a cancer survivor and donate 10% of my profits to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Is your PTA or Civic Group looking for a new and innovative Fundraising product? The KeySpot is the answer. The KeySpot not only shows your support for your school or organization - it is also functional. The KeySpot is a product that contains two strong earth magnets in a hard-plastic case. Your school or civic group logo is printed on a high-quality sticker attached to the KeySpot. The two magnets hold it to a metallic surface such as your refrigerator or filing cabinet while also holding your keys. Installation is as easy as placing it on the metallic surface. No nails, no screws or glue required. Simply place the metal ring holding your keys near The KeySpot and watch the results. Easy enough for a child to use.  

10% of our profits go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

 All examples shown on this site are dual magnet KeySpots

                                                                                    The KeySpot is Patent Pending